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Blog > Inside, In, Into & Within

Inside, In, Into & Within

Dodane przez Tomasz H. 20 października 2014 w kategorii: Język angielski, Leksyka


Inside & In are the same in many cases.

We are in the building -> We are inside the building
The clothes are in the car -> The clothes are inside the car

Inside means that the thing is physically enclosed - in a building with walls, in a vehicle etc.

Use in where you are not physically surrounded:

I live in Poland.
My birthday is in March.
I play guitar in a band.



Into implies movement or transformation:

I jumped into the swimming pool.
We went into the house.
The car crashed into a shop.

You can use into & in when you use verbs drop, throw, fall, put.

He put the money into/in his pocket.
I threw the paper cup into/in the trash.
He lost his balance and fell into/in the sea.


means inside or not further than a particular area or space:

Most car accidents occur within 10 kilometers of home.

you can use to refer to time:

I've noticed her change within a very short time.

You can also use within to describe a person's inner feelings (in this case, you can also use "inside"):

John tried to hide the anger burning within/inside him.

Within does not mean the same as in. Within stresses that something is not further than a particular area or space or not later than a particular time:

John always have tea in the afternoon (Not: I always have tea within the afternoon).

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